Global dark stylesheet for browser

July 16, 2015
I'm a big fan of reading white text on black background. So i've made a global custom stylesheet for this purpose (usable in most browsers with the Stylish extension installed).

Few thoughts on Jade templating language

July 15, 2015
I've started using Jade on a pet project a few weeks ago. It's a nice library that saves you a few keystrokes while writing HTML but, sadly, it still has 2 things i really dislike :

- it's too different from "regular" HTML to be picked up by beginners and thus creates a barrier to entry. Also the "size" savings are not that impressive compared with "regular" HTML.

- it allows embedding a subset of JS directly inside of markup which can easily become a pain in the ass to debug. Breaking separation of concerns is a big no no from my POV.

Sword of Destiny minireview

July 15, 2015
 sword of destiny

Ah, The Witcher series. "Sword of Destiny" is actually a standalone list of short stories (just like "The Last Wish"). Overall the stories and not that good compared with "The Last Wish" but there's a nice story there about Geralt meeting Ciri for the first time.

Recommended only if you read the Witcher saga, otherwise there's no point in reading it standalone.

New site for Shopkeeper

July 13, 2015

Shopkeeper has a new site now. It's still far from containing all the stuff i want there but it's a start.

The build script

June 30, 2015

Ah, the build + optional deploy script. The "thing" that turns whatever your compiler spits out into a zip/msi/whatever that you can actually install /pass along to customers. For build scripts i've started with batch files, C# , Powershell, moving to msbuild tasks (yeah, that was "fun" ), FAKE, to the node.js "task runner" framework du jour (Grunt, Gulp etc)  to finally get back to Powershell. 

  I still think the best solution for writing a build script is in a shell scripting language (Powershell, bash, whatever) because :

- when it will crash (and it will !!) you're debugging code written by you instead of fuzzing around with a stacktrace spitted up by some shitty Grunt plugin (for instance).

- ubiquity : only powershell/bash is required to run it (compared with node.js + npm + gulp + whatever other plugins you are using).

- simplest way to run 3rd party CLI apps as part of build process ( "& filePath args" and you're done).

- everything is in one place (no package.json, gruntfile(s) and so on). A single file that handles everything.

Curse of the necrarch minireview

June 4, 2015

Names are all wrong in the Warhammer fantasy universe. I mean, who calls a badass vampire "Radu" ? Seriously, it's a vampire not a baker.
Anyway, the premise in "Curse of the necrarch " is very straightforward : big fight between humans and undead. That's basically it. There is some "background" plot to this but it's not really that interesting (or sufficiently developed). Overall i'd say the books is kind of meh.

Shopkeeper localization

May 26, 2015

Working on Shopkeeper localization. Lots of commits with same message.....

Blackhearts minireview

May 25, 2015

This is the first book i've read in the Warhammer fantasy setting. It's actually a collection of 3 stories "tied" together with 2 short ones. It's the story of a ragtag group of human soldiers who do different "jobs" for the Empire in exchange for their freedom. Overall the quality is okeish, nothing bad but nothing great either.

All http traffic should be encrypted

April 1, 2015
There was a interesting piece of news in the last few days. Basically China launched a DDOS attack on GitHub by rewriting the Baidu analytics code to point to a certain GitHub hosted project. Thus, all the sites (and their users) who run Baidu analytics code were contributing in DDOSing GitHub. Its another proof in a long list of issues that basically proves that the web would actually be better if all traffic would be encrypted by default. Not necessary reliant on Certificate Authorities for verification, just encrypted.

And it's also in sheer contrast with the sad state of affairs today regarding encryption when using self signed certificates. The browsers treat plain HTTP traffic (that your ISP can rewrite to include ads, look it up it happened) as "better" than traffic encrypted with a self signed certificate. That's why the Let's Encrypt initiative is so important.

Powder mage trilogy minireview

March 25, 2015
So i've found about these books while procrastinating on r/fantasy on reddit. The premise looked interesting (flintlock fantasy FTW) so i gave the books a shot. And boooom. These are the best books i've read in last few years. Interesting set of characters, great world building and magic system on top a gripping story. But the thing that was most impressive to me was the pacing. This trilogy has expert pacing. Really, once the story has its hooks into you, it's really hard to let go :)

I highly recommend these books to anyone. Also if you read them, they are a few published short stories set in the same universe as the "main books". I've read all of them , they are pretty good but i highly recommend reading at least "Fornsworn" and "Servant of the crown".

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